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17th Digicon6 ASIA Singapore

17th Digicon6 ASIA Singapore - EP18

5 Min

By meWATCH Published: 30 Aug 2016 Audio: English

A mysterious art Store Lady gives David, a student passionate in art, a magic cloth. The Cloth paints whatever image from the user’s mind unto a canvas, which David uses to bring his reputation as an artist even higher. He scores a deal with an art Curator to have a new piece put up in an upcoming museum opening. He struggles to create something great as his magic cloth ceases to work the next day. He brings it back to the Store Lady, learning that the only way to have it working again is to have the boy sacrifice his soul. With a caring single mom, David is saved as he learns the beauty of art. He loses his museum opportunity, but gains a valuable lesson of the importance of integrity and parental love. - Creator: Muhammad Bahajjaj

17th Digicon6 ASIA Singapore
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