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118 - EP255

23 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 06 Apr 2020 Audio: Chinese

Liang and Shanshan bring Viveka home for dinner. Yuye tries to cover up her relationship with Zhenhui, but Viveka exposes them. Xiaobao knows Jinzhi is not happy dating him, even though she denies this. He urges her not to force herself to love him. Jinzhi finally meets up with Huang Mei, who tells her how Zhihao has changed since his return to New York. Blaming herself for his loss of confidence in his relationship with Jinzhi, she begs Jinzhi to save her son from misery. Jinzhi tells Xiaobao she will only go to New York if he approves. He objects, as he has already called Zhihao and lied that Jinzhi is dying. Zhihao rushes back to Singapore and realises Xiaobao has tricked him into returning to Jinzhi’s side. Xiaobao leaves after giving them his blessing. Meizhen turns up during the marathon to give Shunfeng support and tells him that she wants to start anew with him. Energised, Shunfeng comes in within the top 50. Daming gathers everyone for a party before 118 closes for renovations.

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