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118 - EP254

23 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 06 Apr 2020 Audio: Chinese

Jinzhi backs out at the last moment and asks Xiaobao to give her more time to accept him. Yuye has no idea whether she should accept Zhenhui’s love. Jinzhi urges her to follow her heart. However, she herself is not sure whether dating Xiaobao is following her heart. Zhihao throws himself into his work in New York and will not even see Huang Mei. Carol cannot understand why he left if he cannot forget Jinzhi. He asserts that he is not sure whether he can give Jinzhi happiness, and he does not want her to become entangled in his world either, which can be complicated and ugly. He also believes he is not the one Jinzhi loves now. Meiyou and Hua-jie register their marriage. He is moved when Jinzhi turns up to give her blessings, with approval from Daming and Meimei. Yuye finally agrees to date Zhenhui. Liang and Shanshan return to Singapore to get inspiration for the final round of the competition. Jinzhi is apprehensive when she receives a call from Huang Mei.

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