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118 - EP253

23 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 06 Apr 2020 Audio: Chinese

Jinzhi is in a bad mood. Thinking she has heard Zhihao calling out to her, she flares up after the movie ends and insists on going home. Xiaobao senses something amiss and tails her. He sees her pondering over her thoughts in the streets. Jinzhi remembers how she and Zhihao had met over a near-accident along that same street. Xiaobao confronts Jinzhi and asks whether she was frustrated about Zhihao and had vented her feelings on him. Jinzhi breaks down in tears. Panicking, he apologises, but Jinzhi asserts that she should be the one to apologise. Daming, Meimei and Zhi praise Tiancheng’s three spaghetti dishes. Uncle Chen is grateful to Shunfeng for his advice, as well as for his concern for Meizhen, even though they are no longer a couple. Shunfeng views Meizhen as his best friend and Uncle Chen as his grandpa. Chen Gang wants Uncle Chen to move in with him. Presuming she will have to move out, Meizhen is surprised when Uncle Chen decides to let her inherit the apartment. Xiaobao sees Jinzhi home and asks to kiss her.

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