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118 - EP249

23 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 06 Apr 2020 Audio: Chinese

Jinzhi calls Meiyou, as she misses Granny Egg and wants to visit her. Meimei stops her from doing so, as they have to take Liang and Shanshan to the airport. Disappointed, Granny Egg asks Meiyou to beg Daming and Meimei to let her see Jinzhi. He ignores her request, as he presumes Jinzhi would turn up the next day. Hua-jie is scolded when she tries to persuade him to get Jinzhi immediately. Meiyou discovers he has forgotten Hua-jie’s birthday. He rushes out to buy a cake and promises to sing to her. Jinzhi learns Xiaobao was beaten up by Jingui. She insists on visiting him, and Zhihao tags along. Jingui is angry with Xiaobao for snatching Jinzhi away from Zhihao. Jinzhi is upset by the sight of Xiaobao's many bruises. He feels apologetic towards Zhihao, but the latter asserts that he has yet to give up on Jinzhi. Jinzhi is reminded of the past when Zhihao tells her that he loves her.

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