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118 - EP247

23 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 06 Apr 2020 Audio: Chinese

With everybody’s blessings, Liang plans a trip to China with Shanshan to take part in the design competition. Jinzhi invites Xiaobao home for dinner. He is uneasy, but turns up nonetheless. When confronted by Meimei, he admits he likes Jinzhi, who wants to be with him too. Meimei flies into a rage. Her concern is that Zhihao will give Jinzhi up for good. Daming wants to discuss the matter with Zhihao. Tiancheng is willing to donate his liver to Keke, but is worried he may not survive the surgery. However, he makes a decision when Meiyou declares that if Jinzhi should need a transplant, he would offer his without a doubt. Jinzhi is so troubled that Shunfeng advises her not to brood over her love life. As she relates many events of the past, he realises she has regained her memory.

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