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118 - EP245

23 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 06 Apr 2020 Audio: Chinese

Shocked, Meimei tells Daming that Jinzhi does not want to marry Zhihao. He is vexed, as he is already troubled by the renovations. The next day, Jiejie tells Meimei that someone saw Xiaobao hugging Jinzhi in the streets. Meimei traces Jinzhi’s change of heart to Xiaobao. Daming asserts that a hug means nothing and they should clarify the matter with Xiaobao first. Xiaobao asks Meizhen out and explains that he cannot marry her. He reveals he has expressed his feelings for Jinzhi. However, he shares that he feels no joy, because he wonders if Jinzhi may regret her decision when she regains her memory. Meizhen tells Xiaobao to treasure what he has and not worry about the unknown future. What matters is that he and Jinzhi like each other now. She encourages him to enjoy the relationship. Shanshan tells Liang his durian series has been selected for the final round of the competition.

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