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118 - EP238

23 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 06 Apr 2020 Audio: Chinese

Lucas becomes violent when Limei decides to call the police. During the tussle, Limei shields Er-gu and is injured on the forehead. Er-gu quickly calls for an ambulance, as Limei feels unwell. Jinzhi calls to ask Xiaobao to try her wanton noodles. He lies that he is at the construction site. He is worried his love for Jinzhi will be rekindled if they meet too often. Jingui drags Xiaobao out to find a hotel for the wedding banquet. He hits Xiaobao for being unenthusiastic. Meizhen shifts the blame to herself, to get Xiaobao off the hook. Jiejie finally moves out of Meimei’s house. She thanks Meimei and Daming for their help. Er-gu is finally willing to accept Limei as her daughter-in-law. Zhihao turns up at the shop to ask Jiejie to let him have his pizza job back. Knowing he is doing so for Jinzhi’s sake, she agrees readily.

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