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118 - EP237

23 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 06 Apr 2020 Audio: Chinese

Jinzhi wakes up early in the morning and puts the soiled clothes into the washing machine. Jiejie observes that she seems to have returned to her normal routine. Jinzhi goes to the shop and convinces Daming and Meimei to let her help out by preparing the wantons. Meimei is happy, but also worried Jinzhi’s relationship with Zhihao will be affected. Tiancheng drags himself to work for Zhenhui’s sake and even stoops to cleaning the food courts. Jiejie is happy he still cares about Zhenhui. Meiyou turns up at 118 to visit Jinzhi and is surprised when Daming invites him inside to have a cup of coffee. Dissatisfied with Liang’s slipshod work, Shanshan reminds him that he has to spare a thought for her and their future children. He promises to redo the design. Shunshui receives calls, asking him to deliver the cars customers have ordered. Ke’ai suspects the incidents are related to Eric. Lucas threatens to tell Zhigao and Er-gu that Limei’s unborn baby is his.

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