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118 - EP236

23 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 06 Apr 2020 Audio: Chinese

Liang and Shanshan are unable to console Meimei, who feels bad about flaring up at the mention of Meiyou and Granny Egg. Jinzhi apologises to Meimei for upsetting her. Jiejie and her family manage to find a rental flat and are about to move out. Yuye suggests she and Jinzhi move into the room, so that Daming and Meimei can share a room together. Shunfeng chases Xiaobao out and tells him to go for dinner with Meizhen. Xiaobao feels awkward when Meizhen realises he had lied about being busy at the site. Jiejie advises him to treasure Meizhen and not yearn for Jinzhi. Meizhen tells Xiaobao that since watching Jingui and Xiaobao quarrel over her, she has decided to move out of Tiong Bahru. She is stunned when he asserts that he wants to marry her. Sensing something amiss, she urges him to think things through carefully. Shanshan convinces Liang to take part in a designers’ competition in China. Daming sings with his family to celebrate Jinzhi’s recovery.

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