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118 - EP234

23 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 06 Apr 2020 Audio: Chinese

Jinzhi does not recognise anything in the shop and even mistakes Zhigao for Steven. Besides her lack of recall, she has problems remembering new things. Meimei is unhappy that Jinzhi and Meiyou seem very close. Daming consoles her and urges her to focus on Jinzhi’s recovery instead. Shunfeng, Shunshui and Liang try in vain to jolt Jinzhi’s memory by showing her family photographs. Meimei drags Jinzhi home. Meiyou is unhappy she has broken her promise. Zhihao advises Meiyou not to make a fuss, as everyone is just concerned about Jinzhi’s well-being. Zhihao vows never to give Jinzhi up. Daming tells him not to stall his career in New York, but he makes it clear nothing is more important than Jinzhi. Liang deduces that Jinzhi seems wary of Zhihao because she subconsciously feels inferior to him. However, when Xiaobao appears, she appears very happy. The disparity in her response saddens Zhihao.

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