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118 - EP232

23 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 06 Apr 2020 Audio: Chinese

Liang cannot get out of bed, but needs to go to the toilet. He calls out for help, but only Tiancheng is at home. As the room is locked and Tiancheng does not have the key, Liang asks him to get Shanshan. Shanshan breaks the door down, as she had left the key in the room. Shocked, Liang wets his bed. She does not mind and helps him to the bathroom to wash up. He feels awkward, and she tells him to treat it as his wife waiting on him. Touched, he apologises for their misunderstanding and asks to start anew. Ke’ai and Shunshui are asked to meet Mary at the law firm. Shunshui tells her that nothing can buy kinship ties and he has decided to turn down her offer. Mary is happy she has finally proven money is not omnipotent. She decides to give the house in Sentosa to Shunshui and Ke’ai as a wedding gift, while Keke gets an apartment. They turn down the gifts, and learn Mary’s children have applied for a court order to freeze her assets.

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