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118 - EP227

23 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 06 Apr 2020 Audio: Chinese

To Zhihao’s dismay, Jinzhi does not recognise him. Tiancheng lazes around all day. Annoyed, Jiejie orders him to report for work at Zhi’s office. Liang sneers at Shanshan for treating Dawei well on account of his wealth. When she argues, Daming tells them off for treating their relationship as child’s play. Limei apologises to Er-gu, who refuses to forgive her. Er-gu is further agitated when Zhigao declares he wants to accept both Limei and Carrie. He insists that if Er-gu disapproves, he will move out. Meimei is upset that Jinzhi does not recognise any of them. The surgery has left the latter with substantial memory loss. Huang Mei concludes that Jinzhi and Meiyou are related somehow. She questions Zhihao. Meiyou is sad that Daming refuses to let him and Granny Egg visit Jinzhi at the hospital. Just as he is about to leave, Daming collapses.

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