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118 - EP225

23 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 06 Apr 2020 Audio: Chinese

The drunk Shunshui mistakes another girl for Ke’ai and gets into trouble with her boyfriend. Ke’ai goes to his rescue and takes him back to the coffeeshop. Zhigao is unable to sleep on account of Limei. He reasons that she had no choice but to lie about Carrie, as she probably had been rejected in the past for having a child. He even feels he is lucky she has a child, as he would not have won her heart otherwise. Liang moves Shanshan’s leg to enable her to sleep more comfortably on the sofa and is given a kick, which hurts his back. Guilt-stricken, she helps him with his rice dumplings, even though they are still angry with each other. Tiancheng vies with Yuye for the toilet. Zhenhui tells his father off for not being a changed man despite his jail term. Shanshan gets angry when Liang mentions Dawei again. She invites Dawei to 118 for breakfast. Carrie and Limei find shelter in the children’s playground. Limei is ill, and Carrie takes care of her.

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