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Woman Walks Ahead

Woman Walks Ahead

97 Min
Coarse Language 不雅语言

Published: 14 Jul 2019 Audio: English

In 1889, widow Catherine Weldon (Academy Award® nominee Jessica Chastain) leaves behind her unsatisfying life in New York City to pursue her dream to be a painter, and bravely travels alone to the Dakota Territory, with the goal of painting the infamous Sioux chief Sitting Bull. Despite his fearsome reputation, Catherine is surprised to discover that Sitting Bull is a more complex and intriguing man than she expected to find, and their relationship grows and deepens. But as the U.S. government plots to force the Plains Indians to abandon their land and move onto reservations, Catherine, Sitting Bull and the Plains Indians will be swept up in the dramatic and violent history that will end with the devastating battle at Wounded Knee.

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