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Will You Be There? 你会在那里吗?

Will You Be There? 你会在那里吗?

110 Min
Some Disturbing Scenes 些许画面令人不适

Published: 01 Dec 2019 Audio: Korean

A surgeon’s dying wish is to see his lover who had died in an accident long ago. He receives pills that allow him to travel back in time and tries to save her. There, he also meets his younger self. 该片改编自法国小说家纪尧姆·米索的同名小说,讲述了男主人公偶然获得了10颗药丸并借此回到了数十年前,遇到了年轻时候的自己,为了改变曾经令自己后悔的瞬间,在过去与现在来往穿梭的奇幻故事。

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