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152 Min
Some Violence

Published: 09 May 2020 Audio: Hindi

A jailer named Lankeshwar (Danny Denzongpa) uses some jailed convicts as hit-men for a fee. He allows them to leave the jail, carry out their job and return with a perfect alibi. ACP Amar Agnihotri (Mohan Joshi) proposes to the minister to permit an inspector to be jailed, who can then expose Lankeshwar. Inspector Arjun Singh (Sunil Shetty) is selected for this mission. Now, to get him absconded, a planned is contrived by Amar and his superiors. Arjun shall shoot a blank bullet at ACP Amar and then get apprehended for the same. Everything goes as plan. Arjun is apprehended, held in court where he pleads guilty and is held in Lankeshwar's jail. While in jail, Arjun finds out that Amar has been killed, and he has become a convict for real.

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