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Unstoppable 愤怒的黄牛

Unstoppable 愤怒的黄牛

116 Min
Some Violence and Coarse Language

Published: 01 Feb 2020 Audio: Korean

A once legendary gangster cleans up his past and tries to settle down to enjoy an ordinary life, but things get complicated when a criminal syndicate kidnaps his wife. To get her back, nothing will stop him. 过去曾是黑帮成员的东哲,努力洗清黑暗的过去,和天使般善良的妻子过着平凡的生活。某天妻子遭到绑架。不久,一通陌生来电表示要付东哲一笔钱,要求东哲将妻子卖给他…东哲将用行动证明绑匪惹错了人!

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