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Tough as Iron 強哲

Tough as Iron 強哲

108 Min
Violence and Coarse Language

Published: 30 May 2019 Audio: Korean

Set in the southern port of Busan, the film follows the tough life of a young man as he struggles to find work and to care for his flighty mother who suffers from dementia and has a tendency to wander off. To pay for his mother's hospital bills, he falls in with the mob and gets pulled into the gritty violence of the Busan underworld. 影片以釜山为背景,讲述了没有固定职业、每天辛苦度日的强哲为了给病重的妈妈凑住院费,而不得已涉足黑社会,由此发生的一系列故事。

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