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The World Behind The Teenage Psychic

The World Behind The Teenage Psychic

46 Min
Mature Content

Published: 16 Dec 2018 Audio: Chinese

THE WORLD BEHIND THE TEENAGE PSYCHIC is an HBO Asia original documentary that seeks to delve deeper into the traditions and culture that the coming-of-age series, THE TEENAGE PSYCHIC, is based on. Filmed entirely in Taiwan, the hour-long Mandarin documentary explores some of the unique shamanistic practices that call Taiwan home - taking the audience on a journey through the rituals and beliefs surrounding the Ghost Month. The Ghost Month is the pinnacle of the annual spiritual calendar in Taiwan - when the gates of hell are said to open, and spirits enter the world of the living. Weaving through the festivities, THE WORLD BEHIND THE TEENAGE PSYCHIC follows different characters to explore how a distinct blend of Taoist, Buddhist, Chinese Folklore and indigenous belief systems continue to flourish in modern Taiwan. 这出HBO ASIA原创纪录片深入青春成长电影《通灵少女》一片所参照的传统文化。全片在台湾拍摄、内容长达一小时且以中文发音,片中探索台湾本地独特的宗教活动,带领观众展开一场与鬼月有关的仪式与信仰之旅。鬼月是每年台湾阴历的一段重要时期,据说此时地狱之门会打开,所有灵魂都可以来到人世间。影片内交织着许多节庆活动,同时跟着数字不同的角色探讨这种融合道教、佛教、中国民俗与原住民信仰的思想体系如何在现代的台湾持续盛行。

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