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The Pirates 海盗

The Pirates 海盗

129 Min
Some Sexual References 些许性相关语

Published: 30 May 2019 Audio: Korean

Right before the founding of the Joseon Dynasty, envoys from China lose the Royal Seal to a whale. A group of bandits attempt to retrieve it for a large reward and run into a group of pirates. 朝鲜建国初期,象征王朝正统的一枚玉玺意外落入一头鲸鱼的腹内,就在朝中士大夫手足无措之际,海盗集团趁此机会兴风作浪,同样得知消息的山贼信以为有金银珠宝,也卷入纷争之中。为了捕获这头鲸鱼,山贼、海盗、官兵,三方在茫茫大海中展开一场前所未有的冒险。

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