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Tazza: The Hidden Card 老千:神之手

Tazza: The Hidden Card 老千:神之手

147 Min
Some Violent and Sexual Scenes 些许暴力及性相关画面

Published: 30 May 2019 Audio: Korean

Go-ni's nephew, Ham Dae-gil, enters the gambling underworld only to be used as a scapegoat in a deal gone wrong. Now he's planning his revenge by entering one big fatal game. 故事讲述大吉因一次意外需告别一见钟情的美娜并逃离家乡,在首尔一所地下赌场工作。他凭拥有赌博天赋受老板赏识,搭上了性感寡妇禹社长,后来在老千局名败名裂,一无所有的人受千术高人光烈之启发,令他踏上报仇之路。

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