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Sri Rama Rajyam

Sri Rama Rajyam

162 Min
Supernatural Theme

Published: 20 Feb 2020 Audio: Tamil

Lord Sri Rama (Balakrishna) and his wife Sita (Nayanthara) come back to their kingdom Ayodhya, after killing Ravana. And Sri Rama continues his charisma in ruling the kingdom after his Pattabhishekam. One day he hears the sweet news that Sita is pregnant. Everything looks fine, but on one day Sri Rama comes to know that people in his kingdom are having discussions about Sitaӳ character, as she spent some time in Ravanaӳ place. So, Rama decides to leave Sita and she is sent to the forest. There she is protected by Valmiki and given shelter in his Ashram. Later she gives birth at Ashram to twins; Lava and Kusa. What are the incidents that happen next forms the Sri Rama Rajyam story.

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