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Something's Gotta Give

Something's Gotta Give

123 Min

Published: 02 Jul 2019 Audio: English

Harry Sanborn is an aging record industry mogul, with a penchant for dating young, beautiful girls. On a weekend in the Hamptons with his latest girlfriend, Marin, he thinks that he can have her all to himself. What he hasn't bargained for is the arrival of Marin's mom, the successful playwright, Erica Barry, and her sister, Zoe. The encounter between them is fraught with animosity -- Erica can't believe her daughter is dating someone old enough to be her father. All too soon, Harry suffers a heart attack, is rushed to the nearest hospital, and into the care of Dr Julian Mercer. Julian is absolutely good looking -- Erica, Marin and Zoe can't keep their eyes off him, as he dispenses advice for the sheepish Harry. Julian then orders complete bed rest for Harry at Erica's Hampton home. Being the gracious hostess, Erica tries to help care for Harry, and eventually they start getting along. But Erica finds herself in a dilemma when Julian makes no secret of his admiration for her. What's an accomplished older woman to do ?

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