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Senarai Aji

Senarai Aji

89 Min

Published: 17 Sep 2015 Audio: Malay

A former convict, who was involved in several scams, finds out he has to atone for his past misdeeds before he can go on his haj in good faith. Together with his good friend and fellow conman, they set out to seek those he had wronged in the past in order to gain redemption. Sudarmaji or Aji, makes a list of those people whom he had wronged and sets out to find them together with his friend, Rahim (or A’im), who does not understand why Aji is doing what he does and questions the point of it. But as he goes through the final items on his list, Aji finds a few twists and stumbles – finding out he has a son, unable to return money to a lady that refuses to forgive him and finding the ultimate sacrifice as requested by his mother.

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