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Semma Ragala

Semma Ragala

141 Min

Published: 22 Apr 2020 Audio: Tamil

Sathyaraj and Kalabhavan Mani are friends. Kalabhavan Mani works in the fire fighting department and Sathyaraj aspires to go abroad. Sathyaraj, in a mix up, kidnaps Devayani. Devayani has her own problems. Mani and Sathyaraj help her in crisis. For accomodation and employment purposes Devayani and Sathyaraj act as a married couple. Devayani initially dislikes Sathyaraj for his persistent taunts. Later she develops a soft corner for Sathyaraj. Sathyaraj finally gets the opportunity to go abroad. Meantime, Kalabhavan Mani loves Devayani. Climax is all about who'll get Devayani's hand.

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