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Run! T High School Basketball Club

Run! T High School Basketball Club

110 Min

Published: 31 Aug 2019 Audio: Japanese

After captaining his junior high basketball team to second place in the Kanto Championships, Yoichi Tadokoro (Jun Shison) enrolls at basketball powerhouse private school Hakusui High on a special scholarship, but is subjected to fierce bullying by the other members of his team, and ultimately drops out of school altogether. Although he vows never to play basketball again, he is challenged by the hopeless basketball team in his new school T High, and ends up joining them. Yoichi gets to know his eccentric new teammates, and begins to rediscover the joy of playing basketball. When the Winter Cup tournament rolls around, the T High team find themselves facing off against their bitter rivals, Hakusui High. Can these perennial losers overcome impossible odds and pull off a miraculous victory ?

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