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Open City 无防备都市

Open City 无防备都市

114 Min
Violence 暴力画面

Published: 01 Oct 2019 Audio: Korean

A police officer rescues a young woman from danger, only to discover that she is the boss of the gang with ties to the Japanese Yakuza which he has been tracking all along. 有韩国FBI之称的广域搜查队集合了全国最优秀的刑警精英,专门侦破各种高智商高危险犯罪案件的部门。赵大英是其中的佼佼者,原本正在调查一个连环杀人事件的他却突然被上级命令停止手上的所有工作,进入与Yakuza相关的商业盗窃案件的侦破中。

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