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Once Upon A Time In China S2 黄飞鸿2之男儿当自强

Once Upon A Time In China S2 黄飞鸿2之男儿当自强

109 Min
Some Violence

Published: 18 Jul 2020 Audio: Chinese

The film is set in China in 1895 during the Qing dynasty. Wong Fei-hung travels by train from Foshan to Canton; the capital of Guangdong; to attend a seminar on medicine. The situation in Guangzhou is rather chaotic. On one hand, there are protests in the streets against the signing of the Treaty of Shimonoseki. On the other hand, the White Lotus Sect, an extreme xenophobic cult, goes around attacking Westerners and destroying everything regarded as alien to Chinese culture. 黄飞鸿应国际医学会的邀请,与梁宽、十三姨前赴广州,途中与白莲教结下纠纷。后得革命义士陆皓东之助,寄居英国领事馆,并结识革命领袖孙文。清朝大臣元述为对付革命义士,煽动白莲教团攻打英国领事馆,黄飞鸿为保存国运命脉,与元述对抗,并帮助孙文等人逃脱。

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