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Once More

Once More

160 Min
Some Violence

Published: 20 Feb 2020 Audio: Tamil

Vijay is a rich young man and owns many companies. But due to improper management he becomes bankrupt. He approaches for a loan but they ask for a surety from his dad. His dad, who is abroad,dies in a plane crash,on his way back home. To save the employees he requests Sivaji Ganesan who is in an old age home to help him. Sivaji agrees to it. Vijay's behaviour reminds Sivaji of his younger days. He recalls his separation with Saroja Devi. Vijay reforms and plans to unite Sivaji and Saroja Devi. Meantime Vijay also falls in love with Simran. Simran also has a story to tell. The rest of story is about reunion of Sivaji-Saroja and unfolding the mystery behind Simran.

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