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Ocean's Eleven

Ocean's Eleven

116 Min
Mature Content 成人题材

Published: 01 Sep 2019 Audio: English

George Clooney, Matt Damon, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts and Don Cheadle go for broke to pull off the most sophisticated and daring Las Vegas casino heist ever. Less than 24 hours after being paroled, charismatic Danny Ocean handpicks a top-notch team of smooth operators to pocket 150 million dollars--in one night ! The mark: ruthless entrepreneur Terry Benedict. Benedict controls three of the biggest casinos in Las Vegas... and Ocean's sexy ex-wife. In any other place they'd be bad guys, but Ocean and his crew stick to the rules: Don't hurt anybody. Don't steal from anyone who doesn't deserve it. And play the game like you've got nothing to lose. Are you in or out ?

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