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Love is Love - Sunshine

Love is Love - Sunshine

70 Min

Published: 26 Feb 2019 Audio: English

“Love is Love” is an anthology of multi-generational love stories that reflect the Singapore way of life and love. It brings you through a cycle of journeys, those of self-discovery and of fun, of marriages and of breakups, of treasured promises and of long lost memories. In “Sunshine”, a troubled pianist meets a blind piano tuner who teaches her about life and love through a common love for music that they both share. A couple divorces and decides to continue staying in the same house. As they lead their own separate lives, they finally come to a realisation of what being together and staying together really means. An ex-convict struggles to pick up the pieces of his life as he walks through the journey of his past again. When he least expects it, a woman walks into his life and teaches him how to love.

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