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Love In A Cab 等一等爱情

Love In A Cab 等一等爱情

91 Min

Published: 09 Jun 2014 Audio: Chinese

After the countdown to the new millennium, stranger Ke Qing bumps into Zhu Er (Joanne Peh) as they fight for a cab. They end up sharing the same cab but the drunken Ke Qing (Julian Hee) accidentally throws up all over Zhu-Er. This episode begins their oddly fated encounters whenever they wait for cab.In another year, Ke Qing is waiting around the usual spot for a taxi in his neighbourhood. Suddenly, Zhu Er drives up in a brand new car and offers to give him a lift. She tells him that she has just gotten a new job, and as she now has a new car, she no longer needs to fight with him for a cab. The conversation turns awkward when Ke Qing mentions that he is going to meet his girlfriend, while Zhu Er adds that her boyfriend may even propose to her soon.In 2007, Zhu Er and her boyfriend break up. Knowing that Zhu Er is single, Ke Qing arranges for them to go on a double date. Zhu Er brings along her female friend, May and Ke Qing is accompanied by his close friend, Eason. At the end of the date, Eason appears more interested in May. While sending Zhu Er home, Ke Qing discovers that they rather enjoy each other's company. However, both of them do not have the courage to take the first step.The following year, Ke Qing meets Zhu Er and informs her that he is moving. He jokes that they no longer need to fight for a cab. Ke Qing reveals that he is engaged. Though Zhu Er is disappointed, she gives him her blessings.At a party for Eason in 2010, Ke Qing appears as a special guest. Zhu Er discovers that Ke Qing did not get married after all. Zhu Er suggests they date on Valentine's Day, but Ke Qing reveals that he is going to Taiwan for his dream job very soon. After a decade of fated encounters and missed opportunities, will Ke Qing and Zhu Er finally realize that the love they have been waiting for has always been around them ?

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