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Love In 50 Meters

Love In 50 Meters

87 Min

Published: 10 Jul 2020 Audio: Chinese

Love must beat distance - 50 meters, to be exact - in writer-director Li Yili's romantic comedy starring Alex Fong and Xie Nan. Ambitious TV reporter Yu Meiren (Xie Nan) is great at scoring scoops and breaking news, but when it comes to love, she always comes up empty. After her chance to go to New York gets snatched by a co-worker, she takes on an assignment in a remote county. Before leaving, an astrologer warns her that she will hit the lowest point of her life if she makes the trip. Sure enough, she crosses paths with her former classmate and fated nemesis Li Shiquan (Alex Fong). Whenever Shiquan appears within 50 meters, bad things happen to her. In order to complete her assignment, she has no choice but to work with him while keeping 50 meters between them, but in the process, they begin to fall for each other…

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