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Little Love Song

Little Love Song

118 Min

Published: 26 Jun 2020 Audio: Japanese

Life in Okinawa has never looked sweeter for four high schoolers in a pop-rock band that sings catchy songs that evoke images of love and vibrant youth. All that changes when one evening a band member is tragically killed in a hit-and-run car accident. Grief takes hold, and their dreams of making it big in Tokyo are shattered. Political tensions on the island rise when police investigations point to the presence of the U.S. military base being involved in the accident.Meanwhile, Mai, the younger sister of the deceased band member, seeks to reconcile her grief. In a moment of courage, she takes up his guitar and revives the band with the help of Lisa, their sweet-tempered muse living on the U.S. base. Inspired by the songs of MONGOL800, this coming-of-age film will make you believe in the power of music.

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