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Kiangnan 1894

Kiangnan 1894

81 Min
Some Violence and Coarse Language

Published: 07 Jan 2020 Audio: Chinese

In 19th century Shanghai, a young boy Ah Lang sneaks into the Navy Shipyard and unwittingly becomes the Chief Mechanic’s star apprentice. He quickly becomes embroiled in a fight with secret enemies who plot to destroy his super warship. With the war at hand, can he triumph Evil with the help of his sweetheart and her wonder-doggie Xiao Longbao ? 影片讲述在清末的上海,一个顽皮的弄堂少年阿榔阴差阳错进入江南制造局成为学徒,从而开始了他的精彩人生冒险。在师父陈铁寒的谆谆教导下,阿榔潜心学习机造技艺,逐渐成长为顶尖机匠,面对敌方间谍的不断纠缠,在自强不息与百折不挠中制造出了重要的国产军械。

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