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Kerana Kasih

Kerana Kasih

90 Min
General Viewing

Published: 01 Jun 2017 Audio: Malay

What would life be if your mother is psychologically incapacitated ? What would you do if you learnt why she is so different from other mothers is because she has autism – a lifelong development disability ? Does having disability change the effect on how much a mother loves her child ? Does being a normal person make you a competent mother than those with disabilities ? Kerana Kasih is the second story of #KasihTrilogy – the trilogy telemovies of a mother’s love (kasih). It is a story about how an autistic mother who has to go through the legal and emotional struggles to retain the custody of her daughter just because of a --- selfish motive Bagaimanakah jika seseorang ibu itu tidak mempunyai daya keupayaan yang normal seperti ibu lain ? Bagaimana kehidupan sesorang anak itu jika mempunyai ibu yang sedemikian ? Adakah sifat kurang upaya itu membuat seseorang ibu itu tidak sempurna ? Kerana Kasih mengisahkan cerita bagaimana seorang ibu yang bernama Eja mempunyai autisme harus melalui pergolakan emosi hanya kerana dia mahu terus mempunyai hak penjagaan anak tunggalnya Syakillah.

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