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Hong Baos And Kisses

Hong Baos And Kisses

84 Min
Some Sexual References 些许性相关语

Published: 31 Jan 2014 Audio: Chinese

It is Chinese New Year 2014, a time of reunion, gluttony, new clothes and merriment. But for gym instructor Xavier Tan (Joshua Tan) and young tai tai Ping Wong (Felicia Chin), it is also a time of gain, specifically monetary gain in the form of hong baos.The two shysters pretend to be a couple to fleece it for what it's worth, only to find themselves outplayed by fate and destiny. 二零一四的华人农历新年已来临,同时也是聚会,美食,购买新衣和欢乐的时候。对即将踏入三十岁人生的健身教练 XavierTan 和年轻太太Ping Wong 而言,这也是丰收的时期,因为他们会从别人的手中接过好多红包。这对男女伪装成情侣,想要趁机取利,却被命运击败。

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