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Freddy Vs. Jason

Freddy Vs. Jason

93 Min
Violence 暴力画面

Published: 01 Feb 2020 Audio: English

The teenagers of Elm Street have never had it so good -- and Freddy Krueger's never had it so bad. Until now. The Elm Street parents have resorted to giving their teenage kids drugs to keep Freddy away from their dreams. Freddy, unable to penetrate their sleep psyches, resorts to conjuring up yet another teenager killer: the infamous Jason Voorhees. He sends the hockey-masked killer to Elm Street to start terrorizing and killing the kids, thus making them think that Freddy is back. But when Jason starts killing one too many teenagers, Freddy begins to think that Jason is muscling in on his territory. A battle of sheer hatred and bloodlust ensues between the two. Meanwhile, a group of teenagers try desperately to send the two back to the hell pits where they belong.

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