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Door Lock 门锁

Door Lock 门锁

102 Min
Violence 暴力画面

Published: 01 Mar 2020 Audio: Korean

A woman, living by herself in a one room apartment, finds her door lock cover left open when she gets back from work one day. Startled by this, she starts investigating on her own and finds more hints of someone trying to enter her home. 一位在银行上班的独居女子平时为了保护自己,在家中放置男人衣物来制造有人同居的假象,然而在某日出门上班时,发现门上电子密码锁的盖子有被动过的痕迹,事后才惊觉,她的套房里似乎就住着另一个陌生人。

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