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Bunga Tanjong - Telemovie

Bunga Tanjong - Telemovie

125 Min

Published: 26 Jan 2017 Audio: Malay

Mariam and Wan Katijah are two dancers from a dance club called Bunga Tanjong in the 60s, Singapore. Mariam’s life is turned upside down after she was married off to a local gangster, Hassan. After Hassan is sent to prison, Mariam is left hanging without a future. When Mariam is offered a job to be a dancer in Bunga Tanjong by Wan Katijah, Mariam accepts. However, underneath the dances and upbeat music, secrets and bribes reside underneath Bunga Tanjong. Starring Farhana M Noor, Hisyam Hamid, Nurul Aini, Sheiryn Aisiqa & Jeff Catz.

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