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Budget Padmanabhan

Budget Padmanabhan

153 Min
Some Violence

Published: 20 Feb 2020 Audio: Tamil

Padmanabhan(Prabhu) has earned the first name 'Budget' because of his miserliness. He is infact saving up for retrieving his father's house from a money lender ('Nizhalgal' Ravi). Ramya Krishnan, who works with him, is in love with him and by gaining the support of Prabhu's sister ('Kovai Sarala) and her husband (Manivannan), succeeds in marrying him. All of Prabhu's plans go awry when his family and Ramya's brother(Vivek) move in with him. To compound his problems, he also becomes the father to triplets. He brings Mumtaj into the household as a servant maid to take care of the children and all suspicion falls on him when she becomes pregnant. How Prabhu tackles all these issues is the rest of the movie

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