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93 Min

Published: 20 Jul 2019 Audio: Chinese

At the age of 19, starting work as a cleaner in the local children's hospital, Jiang Meng encounters a baby born with the same congenital defects she herself suffered from. Faced with a barrage of high risk operations, the father has decided to refuse treatment and take the baby home with him -- condemning his daughter to a certain death. Jiang Meng -- who herself faced multiple operations with no certainty of survival, and who was herself abandoned by her parents -- cannot accept such a decision. She will stop at nothing to rescue this newborn girl who mirrors so closely who she once was. Executive produced by Hou Hsiao-hsien, and rich with uncompromising insights into attitudes to care and physical handicap in contemporary Chinese life, Liu Jie's BABY is a tense, fast-paced and powerfully emotive story of a child balancing between life and death and a young woman whose only goal is to save her.

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