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Babe: Pig In The City

Babe: Pig In The City

91 Min

Published: 27 Sep 2020 Audio: English;Chinese;Malay

In this sequel to the heartwarming blockbuster original, Babe is flying high on his newfound fame as winner of the sheep-herding contest. He returns to the farm triumphant, but a freak accident leaves Farmer Hoggett injured and unable to take care of the farm temporarily. An invitation to a fair where the Hoggetts will be handsomely paid for Babe to demonstrate his prowess becomes the solution to their money woes, but they get sidetracked and end up in the big city. The city seems an unfriendly and sinister labyrinth at first, but the courageous Babe manages to hold his own and befriends a menagerie of animals who teach him some street-smarts.

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