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A Girl at My Door 道熙呀

A Girl at My Door 道熙呀

119 Min
Some Homosexual Content 些许内容涉及同性恋

Published: 01 Nov 2019 Audio: Korean

A policewoman encounters a young girl in need of help but things become more mysterious as she gets to know her. 李英男被流放到一个小镇担任为期一年的派出所所长。抵达当天,便遇见了小女孩孙道熙並从醉酒的朴龙河手中搭救了她,之后道熙便成为了英男的小跟班。然而一股暧昧的气氛悄然升起,英男被迫卷入命运的漩涡之中。

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