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"Tuesday Report: The Migratory Birds" Introduction 《星期二特写:飞羽》介绍

1 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 30 Nov 2019 Audio: Chinese

Singapore is a little red dot on the world map with land area of only a little over 700 square kilometers. The best places for bird watching in Singapore are Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve, Kranji Marshes, and Chek Jawa of Pulau Ubin. Every year, a large number of migratory birds choose to stop over these places. Can you imagine a bird weighing just over 100 grams flying thousands of kilometers each year back and forth between its breeding and wintering ground ? How are their migratory journeys like ? What kinds of challenges do they face ? This documentary showcases conservation efforts by the Singapore government, the Non-Profit Organisations, as well as the public. 新加坡是一个弹丸小国,面积仅仅超过700平方公里。双溪布洛湿地保护区、克兰芝湿地和乌敏岛的仄爪哇是本地最佳的观鸟地点,每年都有大批候鸟到访。你能否想象体重只有百多克的小鸟,能够年复一年地飞行一万多公里,往返于繁殖地迁徙和越冬地之间?到底牠们迁徙过程是怎么样的,途中所遇到的挑战又有哪些呢?这部记录片也探讨政府,民间团体和一般民众如何为环境保育作出贡献。

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