“Tuesday Report: The Migratory Birds

“Tuesday Report: The Migratory Birds" Episode 3 Preview《星期二特写:飞羽》第三集抢先看

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By Channel 8 Published: 30 Nov 2019 Audio: Chinese

Here in Singapore, not only the conservationist are interested in migratory birds, there are also bird watchers and photographers. There is a category in migratory birds called the Land birds. These birds are have more vibrant colours and are adored by bird lovers. There are also more people showing interest in birds, getting to know more of birdlife and looking out for them. Singapore Nature Society organized Singapore Bird Race annually. It also conducted migratory bird walk to create public awareness. With the popular use of social media, the whereabouts of these birds are shared instantly among the bird lovers. And whenever there is a rare bird spotted in one place, be it in a nature reserve, a park or even at the HDB housing estates, there will sure be a large crowd rushing for it and capturing the beautiful moments of these birds. The story will be told by the expert bird watcher, the facebook webmaster and photographers about their affinity for these birds. 除了保育人士,本地也有不少的观鸟人士和摄影师在关注候鸟。候鸟中的林鸟,颜色鲜艳多彩,不少爱鸟人士为之疯狂追逐。近年来,也有越来越多的公众对鸟儿产生兴趣,在增进了解的同时,也随时随地的在发现鸟踪。新加坡自然学会每年都会举办观鸟赛。也有观鸟活动带领公众认识迁徙林鸟,提高人们对候鸟的认识。社交媒体的普及化也为爱鸟人士提供鸟儿的最新行踪。每当有稀鸟出现在某个地方,无论是在自然保护区、公园,或许组屋区,就有大批摄影师蜂拥而至,捕捉鸟儿精彩的画面。故事将由观鸟专人,面簿网主,还有摄影师讲述他们跟林鸟之间的情缘。

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