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“Tuesday Report: The Migratory Birds

“Tuesday Report: The Migratory Birds" Episode 2 Preview《星期二特写:飞羽》第二集抢先看

2 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 30 Nov 2019 Audio: Chinese

The bird ringing process in bird conservation is full of challenges, especially in catching the targeted shorebird, the whimbrels, to put on the satellite trackers. A Chinese bird hunter was invited by the NParks to help. He is an expertise in mimicking bird calls and trapping the birds. After a year of satellite tracking, NParks was successful in tracking the routes taken by the targeted birds. Besides Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve, Kranji Marshes and Chek Jawa of Pulau Ubin are next two ideal places for bird watching. It was the effort taken by the government, the NGOs and volunteers that work hand in hand to make these places a conducive environment for the water birds. Initially, the government has plans for economic development or as military training purposes. But it was the Singapore Nature Society and public who stepped forward in asking the government to conserve them. In 2018, Mandai Mangrove and Mudflat was also declared a nature reserve, adding one more place on the list ideal for bird watching. 为候鸟保育所做的环志工作充满挑战。特别是在捕捉特定水鸟—中杓鹬,让牠们戴上卫星追踪仪,过程更是困难重重。国家公园局也请来了中国的捕鸟专家,以他的拿手绝活,模仿鸟叫声,引诱鸟儿入网。一年来的卫星追踪终于取得成效,国家公园局准确地掌握了这些水鸟的行踪。除了双溪布洛湿地保护区,克兰芝湿地和乌敏岛的仄爪哇,也是观测迁徙水鸟的最佳去处。这是因为政府和民间团体,还有义工们携手打造了这些适合水鸟栖息的环境。这些地方原来是政府准备作为经济和军事发展用途。在新加坡自然学会和民众等努力的争取之下,都被保留了下来。2018年,万礼红树林和滩涂也被划分为保护区,为观鸟活动增添一个好去处。

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