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新梅森探案 Perry Mason S1 03: Chapter Three - EP3

Mason gains unauthorised access to evidence with help from Virgil, his connect at the morgue. Later, Mason tries to extract intel from an unyielding Drake. 梅森透过他在市立殡仪馆的友人弗吉尔的协助,未经许可的对物证进行调查。稍后,梅森试图向有所保留的德瑞克探听情报。


新梅森探案 Perry Mason S1 04: Chapter Four - EP4

Mason and Strickland lean on Virgil once again for extra-legal assistance. Birdy urges Sister Alice to renounce her claims about baby Charlie. 梅森和史崔兰再度依靠弗吉尔以取得法律之外的协助。柏蒂力劝艾丽斯修女放弃小查理。


女狼嗨到趴 Rough Night

Five best friends from college reunite 10 years later for a wild weekend getaway in Miami, where their outrageous antics and hard partying result in hilarious unexpected consequences. 五个大学时代的闺蜜在十年后重聚,打算到迈阿密度过狂野的周末。狂放的行为与不停的派对狂欢却让她们意外陷入一个难以逃脱的困境。


达文西密码 The Da VInci Code

An American professor and a French cryptologist must put their heads together to solve the mystery of an ancient relic and stop a mass murderer. 美国符号学教授罗伯兰登受法国警方的请托前往调查一件发生在罗浮宫里的离奇凶杀案,不料,却让他自己成为头号嫌疑犯而遭到追捕...


拉拉队长谋杀案 The Positively True Adventures Of The Alleged Texas Cheerleader-Murdering Mom

Wanda and Verna both want their daughters to join the high school cheerleading team and Wanda plans to distract her daughter's rival by murdering her mother! 本片是根据真实事件改编而成,这出疯狂爆笑、不可思议的电影,为荷莉杭特拿下艾美奖最佳女主角头衔

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靠谱歌王 Yesterday

After a mysterious blackout, a struggling songwriter discovers that he is the only one who remembers The Beatles and he rises to fame by passing off their songs as his own. 在一次离奇大停电后,杰克发现他是地球上唯一记得披头四的人!他以自己的名义发表披头四的歌曲并迅速走红……


马克的异想世界 Welcome To Marwen

With his memories lost and no hopes of recovery, Mark fantasises a world based on the great women he knows, allowing him to draw strength to succeed in his real world. 失去一切记忆的马克创造出令人赞叹的艺术作品,并透过自己的奇幻世界,获得在真实生活奋斗的力量。


2015大明星小跟班 Entourage (2015)

The boys are back! Vince, E, Drama and Turtle make a splash on the big screen in this raucous comedy adaptation of the hit HBO Original series. 男士们又回来了!在这出改编自HBO热门喜剧影集的电影中,文斯、艾力克、德拉玛和乌龟将在大屏幕上引起轰动。


金盏花大酒店 The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

When seven cash-strapped seniors decide to retire to an affordable resort in India, friendship and romance blossom there in the most unexpected ways. 本片描述七位经济拮据的老人家,决定到遥远的印度一家尚可负担的养老院养老,并在那里发展出令人意想不到的友谊与恋情。


法律女王 On The Basis Of Sex

Inspired by true story, a young struggling attorney and new mother faces adversity and numerous obstacles in her fight for equal rights throughout her career. 本片根据真实故事改编而成。片中描写一名努力奋斗的律师,也是新手妈妈,在职业生涯中,如何面对周遭的敌意与数不清的阻碍,为两性平权奋战不懈。


永不屈服 Mann V. Ford

This HBO documentary follows the Ramapough Indians as they take on Ford and the Environmental Protection Agency to secure a healthy future for their children. 这出极具说服力的纪录片描写一个微小的族群和他们热血的律师团队如何对抗大巨人-福特公司及环保局的故事…


救命援手 Life Support

An HBO Original Movie, Life Support tells the tale of an HIV-positive woman who learns lessons of love and strength through helping others. 本片根据真实故事拍摄而成,并由演员与实际人物共同参与拍摄。当女儿凯丽的爱滋同志好友阿麦尔失踪时,安娜不但得重拾和女儿的破碎关系,也得同时协寻阿麦尔。在这过程中,安娜终于学会拯救、疗愈、爱与放手的真谛。


卢斯的秘密 Luce

An all-star athlete and accomplished debater, Luce's reputation is questioned when his teacher makes a discovery in his locker. But is he at fault, or is his teacher preying on dangerous stereotypes? 卢斯是个全能的高校运动选手兼优秀的辩论员,当老师在他的柜子里有了惊人发现时,他完美的形象瞬间受到质疑。然而他是否真有犯错,抑或是老师心中危险的刻板印象在作祟?


追风筝的孩子 The Kite Runner

A California-based writer from Afghanistan must return home to face his past after a phone call from a friend of his father's. 在一次放风筝比赛中,哈山前去寻回阿米尔的风筝,却遭到恶少攻击,而阿米尔竟只是袖手旁观。多年后,成为畅销作家的阿米尔在加州安顿下来,却收到一通来自远方的电话,使他不得不重新回到过往,面对那段黑暗的往事。

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