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布偶奇遇记 Fraggle Rock S2 09: Sir Hubris And The Gorgs - EP9

The Fraggles play a trick on the Gorgs. It works perfectly — until the whole thing backfires. 弗莱哥们对果格巨人恶作剧,本来一切都很顺利,没想到却造成反效果……


布偶奇遇记 Fraggle Rock S2 10: A Friend In Need - EP10

Sprocket gets stuck in the hole between Doc’s workshop and Fraggle Rock, and Gobo has to help him escape. 史波奇被困在连结达克工作室与弗莱哥洞穴之间的破洞,哥宝必须帮牠脱身……


绝配冤家 How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days - EP1

Matthew McConoughey and Kate Hudson play a twisted game of love. 马修麦康纳与凯特哈德森是绝配冤家,正进行一场测试容忍力的艰苦爱情。


牙仙大帝 Tooth Fairy - EP1

Derek Thompson, one of the toughest hockey players around until he’s sentenced to one week’s hard labour as the world’s most unlikely tooth fairy! 曲棍球选手德瑞克汤普森是场上最强悍的球员,却被惩罚做一星期的劳动服务,而且是难以想象的牙仙子的工作!


布偶奇遇记 Fraggle Rock S4 09: Wonder Mountain - EP9

Mokey is planning a trip to Wonder Mountain alone. Red secretly follows Mokey in order to protect her from trouble. But it’s Red who needs protection. 玛吉打算独自前往奇幻山境。小红却认为玛吉太过于梦幻又不食人间烟火,没办法照顾自己,于是偷偷跟在玛吉后面想要保护她。没想到需要保护的人反而是小红自己。


布偶奇遇记 Fraggle Rock S4 10: Space Frog Follies - EP10

Wembley tries to recapture a Space Frog that Travelling Matt brought from Outer Space as a birthday gift for Gobo. 威利想尽办法要把太空青蛙抓回来,那是麦特叔叔从外层空间带回来给哥宝的生日礼物。


K歌情人 Music And Lyrics

In order to write a hit song and make a comeback, a washed-up '80s pop star must collaborate with his quirky plant lady who has a knack for lyrics. 过气歌手艾力斯为了让自己东山再起,他必须在短时间内生出新歌。从来没自己填词的他,想借用苏菲的长才,一起合作出惊人的畅销歌曲.


足球青春日记 Jamie Johnson S4 02: Hidden Talents - EP2

Jamie is determined to prove that he has what it takes to lead the Phoenix U14s to the Gothia Cup. 杰米决心证明他可以带领凤凰U14队前往哥德杯比赛。


足球青春日记 Jamie Johnson S4 03: Catch - EP3

The U14s need a new goalkeeper and Boggy has decided he's the man to find them one. U14队需要一名新的守门员,波吉决心要帮他们找到适合的人。


布偶奇遇记 Fraggle Rock S2 15: Manny's Land Of Carpets - EP15

A transistor radio finds its way into the Rock and the Fraggles decide to pack up and move to the Promised Land — a cut-rate carpet store. 洞穴里出现一台收音机,大伙决心收拾包袱,搬到收音机所说的应许之地-减价地毯商店。


布偶奇遇记 Fraggle Rock S2 16: Junior Sells The Farm - EP16

Junior Gorg meets a fast-talking salesman who offers him the mythical “Peas of Power” in exchange for the family castle. 朱尼尔果格遇到口若悬河的推销员,想用传说中的”神奇魔豆”跟他交换果格家族的城堡。


逊咖冒险王2 Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules - EP1

As he begins seventh grade, Greg Heffley tries to score points with a pretty new girl while honouring his mom's request to spend quality time with older brother Rodrick. 随着新学期的开始,「逊迦」葛瑞海夫里努力想赢得新转来的美丽女孩的青睐,同时为了让妈妈高兴,努力和讨厌的哥哥罗德里克和睦相处,结果发现哥哥其实没那么坏。


哈利波特:混血王子的背叛 Harry Potter And The Half-blood Prince - EP1

Harry Potter returns to Hogwarts for his sixth year - to face a growing danger that may be more than a match for his strengthening powers as a wizard. 佛地魔率领食死人向麻瓜和魔法世界伸出魔爪,哈利怀疑霍格华兹正面临全新危险。


捕捉青涩时光 Freshman Year S1 05: Episode 5

Chronicling ninth graders beginning high-school, this HBO Original documentary mirrors the roller-coaster everyday lives that these teenagers experience. HBO原创纪录片,片中将跟随一群青少年经历他们在这段青涩岁月里的心情起伏,其中还有趁主角不注意时捕捉到的一些重要时刻。


捕捉青涩时光 Freshman Year S1 06: Episode 6

Chronicling ninth graders beginning high-school, this HBO Original documentary mirrors the roller-coaster everyday lives that these teenagers experience. HBO原创纪录片,片中将跟随一群青少年经历他们在这段青涩岁月里的心情起伏,其中还有趁主角不注意时捕捉到的一些重要时刻。

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冰原历险记4:板块漂移 Ice Age: Continental Drift - EP1

Scrat’s pursuit of the cursed acorn has world changing consequences and the herd encounters pirates determined to stop them from returning home. 鼠奎特天一亮就疯狂追逐一颗橡子,却造成改变全世界的后果,大伙也将遭遇一群决心不让他们回家的可怕海盗。


动物方城市 Zootopia - EP1

A rabbit police officer partners a red fox con artist to uncover a conspiracy involving the disappearance of savage predator inhabitants of a mammalian metropolis. 免子刑警茱蒂与狐狸骗徒连手揭发「动物方程市」市内,猎食动物莫名失踪背后所隐藏的阴谋。


足球青春日记 Jamie Johnson S4 04: Some You Win - EP4

It's the U14s' first big match of the season and captain Jamie is determined to win, but his coach Molly has different priorities which set them on a collision course. 这是U14本季的第一场重要赛事,队长杰米一心求胜,但莫莉教练却有不同的想法,两人很可能会因此产生冲突。


足球青春日记 Jamie Johnson S4 05: Son And Heir - EP5

Under their father's influence, Dillon and Liam seek to assert themselves in very different ways. 迪伦与连恩在爸爸的影响下,各自以不同的方式证明自己。


布偶奇遇记 Fraggle Rock S2 17: Fraggle Wars - EP17

Mokey discovers another tribe of Fraggles who live in a far corner of Fraggle Rock. 玛吉发现洞穴深处的角落住着另一个弗莱哥部落。


布偶奇遇记 Fraggle Rock S2 18: The Day The Music Died - EP18

Gobo is trying to write a song commemorating his Uncle Travelling Matt. But, suddenly, the light disappears in Fraggle Rock. 哥宝正试着要写一首歌赞颂麦特叔叔,突然间洞穴变得一片漆黑……..


逊咖冒险王3 Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: Dog Days - EP1

After finishing the 7th grade, Greg Heffley pretends to get a job at a country club, hoping to get some face time with a cute girl from school. 七年级学期结束后,「逊迦」葛瑞假装得到乡村俱乐部的打工机会,希望能有更多机会和学校的漂亮女孩见面。


Cars 3:闪电再起 Cars 3 - EP1

Facing competition from a new generation of racers, Lightning McQueen attempts to shine once again in the sport that he loves with the help of a young race technician. 闪电麦昆面对新世代赛车的竞争,靠着年轻的赛车技师的协助,企图再次在场上发光发热。


美女与野兽 Beauty And The Beast - EP1

Taken prisoner by a beast in his castle, a woman befriends the castle’s enchanted staff and discovers the kind heart and soul that live within the beast. 年轻的女子被野兽囚禁在他的城堡中,与城堡里被咀咒的成员结为好友,并渐渐发觉野兽可怕外表下隐藏着的善良的心与灵魂。

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